The Banana Story

“When a banana is not yet ripened, it’s not pleasant to eat. The trick is to wait until the banana is fully ripened. You’ll see the banana turn from green to yellow. When we’re patient enough to wait, we’ll come back to our kitchen and enjoy a sweet tasting banana.

People are the same way. If a man or woman is not yet ripened for God, you best leave them on the kitchen table of life and let God continue to ripen them. You see, if you’re hungry enough… Go and eat that unripened green banana. There’s no one stopping you. But, I’ll tell you… It won’t taste very good. When god closes a door, locks Mr. & Mrs. Wrong behind… Let it be.

The souls behind that door may never ripen. Leave the decision up to God. Unripened things and people don’t taste good. When the right one comes to you, please know that he or she has already took place in the ripening process and now they’re ready to be a joy to you.”

-Jasmine Manasseh


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