Toxic Relationships?

“People who use others, have been used themselves. Hurt people, hurt people. You’ll find these individuals coming in and out of your life. You’ll hear them label you the toxic one. If they only knew that it’s from their own toxicity, that their eyes are blinded to anything or anyone of good.

Light and darkness cannot coexist. Go into a room, see if can have the light on and off at the same time. You’ll have to choose either to have the light on or off… But you can’t have both. There are some who go through pain and treat others better than the cards they were dealt in life. But then, there are others who go through pain and share that level of hurt with everyone who crosses their paths.

Lastly, they’ll play the distance game. In this game, these individuals purposely distance themselves, thinking that their unhappiness comes from the one who they laugh the hardest with. Apart from Jesus Christ, these people will search for happiness in all the wrong places.

Narrow is the rode that leads to life and few find it. Wide is the rode that leads to destruction and many find it. Those of us on the narrow rode will be persecuted, abandoned by the ones who do not share the same spirit, and laughed at. But I tell, it’s all worth it. I read the end of bible… We win. Let the “in and out burgers” go. Here today and gone tomorrow, should only be said to explain the shortness of life… Not the definition of a current relationship.

Stop eating out of the trash can. God has already stocked the fridge with something new. What ended up in your trash can, is meant to decay there. Unless you plan on decaying too… I suggest you look up to what’s new. The past has decayed and your future will be delayed if you don’t appreciate the path God has made.”

-JasmineĀ  Manasseh


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