Who Is Jasmine Manasseh?

“I consider myself a blogger that writes from feelings attached to my experiences. No, I’ve never formally went to this place (some call college), to learn how to do this. Why? I didn’t feel like it was required. Being able to convey true emotions into written words… could never be taught. Just like love could never be bought, being able to connect to the core emotions of others through a written language… could never be artificially inserted, but only organically grown from a persons own seed.

At 21, I thought I’d have it all figured out by now. Honestly speaking though, I’m sort of kind of… happy that nothing is set in stone. Everything that I’ve learned up until this point, brought me to a blank slate. I guess I could describe it as being awoke for the first time, unlearning the deep rooted lies, and finally able to paint the right picture.

What I considered a curse, I now consider a gigantic blessing. To understand God as if he was clear Hawaii waters or just knowing my value through his eyes… wow. It wasn’t even on my bucket list of cross offs, but what can I say… God works in his own way. Since were being honest, let me clarify. I’m not referring to the man-made, westernized(white), republican party Jesus. I’m referring to the original author of his own words, who paid for the sins of ALL mankind, and created the mighty universe. If you’re still a bit lost, let me just be a bit clearer… The original God, before America Photoshopped him.

Feels good to get that off my chest. I hope to connect to my readers, with a simple non-game plan of just being unapologetically real. I feel like authenticity has been through a freakin holocaust. So, if you’re looking for clear water truth, stay tuned. If not, you wont find any murky water here. Excuse the fact that I’m mentioning the word “Water” so much. It’s super muggy in Texas right now and we’re running a bit slow on the pool construction lol!

I don’t know how to categorize this blog, nor do I really want to. Through my experiences, I’ve felt an array of different emotions and unlearned my way into many different eye opening truths. I would compare it to opening my eyes after a really long sleep. I feel that I would do myself a huge disservice, if I attempted to label something so beautiful… like life. There’s to many beautiful and colorful moments, than to just paint it all gray,

This next line is dedicated to my little brother Sky. You Ready? If life were a kind of candy… it would be a colorful bag of skittles. It perfectly reflects the way God likes his creation, his unique life lessons, and his words. I’m excited to share whatever God inspires me to share. It will always be in hopes to awake the sleeping and give the restless more of that coffee called… awakening.”

-Jasmine Manasseh


7 thoughts on “Who Is Jasmine Manasseh?

  1. Just this one post and I have fallen in love! I got the notification that you now follow my blog, and I came to check you out. Thank you so much for following me! (I wonder how you reached my blog though, because I just created it.)
    This introduction has really caught me, I must confess. “The original God, before America Photoshopped him.” LOL!
    I really look forward to reading what God inspires you to share. God bless!

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    • Thank you so much for checking out my blog Enioladunni! I was on the look out for a community of amazing bloggers… I was able to connect with so many! I came across your blog in the midst of that search. I was and still am very intrigued with your blog. I loved your post, ” The Girl Child”. I can relate lol! Your post, “Lets talk About God” is another favorite mine, because I do have a personal relationship with God that centers all that I am.
      -Jasmine Manasseh

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  2. This is really really an amazing piece and to me, experience as well. I hope to hear/read more from you. Thanks for following, more Vhim dear!!!, as most Ghanaians will put it 🙌🙌🙌

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